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We started something fun in the Fisher House!! We do a game night every Tuesday evening. It started out to be a way to have fun without TV.

Television seems to be one of those things people lived without so many years ago and now our children cannot live without even one hour. Our children have lost their creativity and being able to have fun without electronic stimulation. I am just as guilty these days…. It is so easy to get lost in all the techno gadgets available. The reality is it is easier to push a button with your fingers then it is to go out and do something physical. You still feel excitement at reaching a new level or gaining a better object….but really what do you have?? You didn’t walk in the snow or slide on the ice. You didn’t feel the breeze on your face. You haven’t watched a bird bring food to her babies. You didn’t get to hear a jet plane fly by and see it leave the white trail behind. You just stayed where you were in some room pushing a button on a machine.

I want my son to experience things I did as a child….. I remember skating around my neighborhood for hours or riding my bike. You couldn’t get me to come in unless you offered food or running in the house desperate to reach the bathroom in time, because you almost waited to long to use it. We need to get back to some traditional basics, if for nothing else…to give our children some insight to what life could be like without pre-programming done on a machine. We need to show our children there is so many fun things to do which do not involve a battery. I know we will be doing our part every week from now on. We had a great time playing and talking, winning and loosing the games we played. We took some pictures to commemorate the evening but I know I wont need these pictures, we made a memory which will last a very long time….

We started with the game Clue….

Who did it??

Daddy won this game…he is very good at these strategy games!!

Such a handsome devil!!

Nope, not in that room... 😀

Then we played a game very similar to Blokus if you have heard of it.  It was recommended by a few home school families so I have been trying to buy it for a while now. It must have been too long because now Hasbro came out with a new twist on the original game. This one is called Cirkis. It is really fun too (although I still want the original one also)!!

Very fun game!!



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