Update on Cows and Goats….

Unfortunately and very sadly we did have to say goodbye to Tinker. We will miss you girl!! She hurt her leg trying to get under the fence and while healing she snapped a leg ligament. We tried to nurse her and Jim built her a sling but to no avail she could still not use the back leg.

All others are doing very well and getting fat!! Now that it is snowing I swear they are cold and need coats…Jim keep assuring me they are fine and that is why God gave them fur. But I am not too conviced.

SDC10574You can see Bell on the far left…just her face…then Loverboy, T-bone, Rib-eye and far right…the booty belongs to Rosemary (Rosy). Not sure where Mars bar was at the time…

SDC10568Hey…there is Mars bar on the left…He is such a little stinker. He keeps teaching the girl goats how to escape. Goat soup anyone?? NOT TODAY!!

When we got the two red and whites…they were so tiny compared to Loverboy…but they are fatting up real good now. They wouldn’t come near us at first but when they figured out about the grain…they now come running when we go out there.

T-boneRib-eyeI will have more updates as the winter progresses…we may be getting more cows this winter…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH MYYYYYYYY!!


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