Snow Already?? We are making the best of it…

We are already outside playing in the white, fluffy, winter canvas!! Stony (his new nickname) put on his Dad’s boots and went outside to make a snowman. We went out and dug up a carrot for his nose and Stony put acorns for eyes. Very cute!!





SDC10545Joe watched patiently…I think he was waiting to steal the carrot…lol

God gave us a fun day on the farm today…

We have really busy over the last few months. Jim was able to go ricing in September. He and a friend went out on a canoe  for a couple of days and hit the rice plants with wooden sticks which released the rice in the canoe. It filled about 4 bags by time they were finished. The bags were full of rice but it really didn’t look like rice. More like wheat. There were also little green worms crawling in the bag…sick!! He then sent it to a place where they processed/ harvested 240 lbs this turned into 109 lbs…you loose quite a bit. I wanted to get more pictures but it all happened so fast…I will get more next time. I am going to help more next year.


We sold about 8 lbs so far. Fun, Fun!!


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