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Well it sure has been a busy couple of months. I know it has been quite a while since I have posted. Jim, Stanley & I planted a pretty good sized garden and have been blessed for all our hard work. Of course Jim worked so much harder then Stanley & I, us being city folk and all … LOL.

First to be ready were our peas. I was told these were not really worth doing…but I love a challenge. Turned out to be great!! We were able to can a lot of peas!!

IMG_3674These were our pint jars. Were were able to get two cases of these and 4 quart jars. I made two of the quart jars into peas & carrots…I had always wanted to do that.

Next we canned green beans & spaghetti sauce. The spaghetti sauce I canned from a good friends recipe. It is the easiest and most cost effective I have ever found. It is on May Farm Cottage under the side tagĀ  preserving.



This is what it looks like finished. I am getting ready to make another batch as I gave too many away as gifts already..oops!!

IMG_3535My case before I gave some away. I just love giving to people/friends something I made…It just seems to mean more.

Next we did the green beans…and boy did we have beans!! Good grief!!I only did two jars of dilly beans this year. It was so hard to find the time for extra things while working outside the home and home schooling. Maybe I can do more next year.

I have purchased my first pressure caner this year. I am getting a lot of use out of it so far. It sure takes a long time…but what a neat process.


We made about three cases of beans. Jim also bought me a french cutter so we could make string beans. This is my favorite way to eat them!!

We snapped and picked and picked and snappedĀ  before and after work and play for almost three weeks…yikes!! I did have some help from friends while canning…that was really nice.

Now we are on to pickles and maybe relish if I have time. During all this I am teaching an art class and co-teaching a toddler Sunday school class. What is wrong with me?? LOL

IMG_3822These are the spices along with dill which I put in my jars for the best pickles. The two cucumbers in the picture were the smallest ones in the two big boxes and three five gallon buckets Jim & Stanley picked for me…cute eh??..

We had to spear most of them or I would only get four pickles in a jar. They were all so big!!

IMG_3821Tomorrow I will show you all of what we have been up to this summer. We have done so much and had such a blessed time. Our family has truly been blessed with some great memories to keep in our hearts.

Take care & God bless!!