Can You Believe it is almost September??

Things are so busy around here. I am not able to post like I should. We are gearing up for the big winter that I am sure is upon us (as I live in “BRRR” Minnesota) .

God has been very good to us this year (not that we didn’t have our struggles)!! Lets see….Jim found a job which was supposed to be a temp three week job…praise God it has worked into longer!! I am working for a new store which I feel is going to be a great fit. We have paid off our other two cows and have the whole animal family here….fianlly!! Our garden is doing pretty well considering the weird summer we have had here. I bought a pressure canner and have canned my first rounds of peas!! Some said it was not worth doing but if you know me I love doing the “pain in the neck stuff.” I used my sweet friend in Oregons recipe and made my winters spaghetti sauce…TY, Janice!!

Our little guy was able to go to camp this year. Oak Hill Christian Camp. This was so much fun!! I of course was very nervous about him being gone for a whole week, but he did great and wants to go again next year.

P6240468Look!! He caught the big one…!!

IMG_3065This is the first day…very exciting!!

IMG_3067One of the camp leaders…he was amazing!

IMG_3066He had top bunk!! Way cool!

IMG_3077Last day…family dinner and show after. This camp was very well put together!! Our guy had sooo much fun!!

Well I have lots more to show everyone but I have to get going…lots to do on the farm…Blog ya soon!!


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