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Junk Mail ~ Home Schooler Families Are So Creative…

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I borrowed this information from another home school site. When I read it I had to share. Take a look at her site though….it has a lot of great information.

Finally: a use for junk mail

We get tons of it every week. Finally, something to do with all that stuff!

photo courtesy Wooties!photo courtesy Wooties!

Younger kids:

  • play post office and use it for the mail.
  • cut out words, pictures, numbers for learning and review as flash cards
  • use the grocery ads to create a pretend shopping list. Cut out the pictures of the items and glue to index cards. Tape a piece of bent index card to the back like a picture frame so it will stand upright. Set up a little store and practice shopping.
  • Use the same cards to sort items by color, shape, food group, etc.
  • Cut up junk mail for collage.
  • Cut out words for creating new sentences or poetry.
  • Play “I spy.”
  • Use the mail to learn your address.
  • Create a mailbox for them and fill it with junk mail they can open.
  • When you get mail with stickers or stamps, let them play with them.
  • Catalogs are great for clipping pictures for picture books and flash cards.
  • Cut pictures from catalogs and give them as pretend gifts to each other.

For older kids

  • Open up those credit card offers and analyze them. Calculate fees and interest and compare them against one another. Practice filling out the forms. Use it as a teaching tool.
  • Compare grocery store ads and find the better bargain.
  • Create a menu from the ingredients in grocery ads.
  • Use sales letters as a template and write one of your own. Dissect it–grammar, word choice, use of punctuation and even the layout.
  • Practice sticking to a budget with grocery ads and catalogs.
  • Research unfamiliar foods and where they come from.
  • Count how many different countries the grocery items come from.
  • Use catalog pictures as writing prompts.
  • Catalog item descriptions are great examples of concise, descriptive writing. Try to write your own.

So, have fun with all that junk mail and remember…use what you have to teach!!