Joe- E and The Skunk…..uh-oh!!

So Joe-E decided to go with Jim today and hang out while he checked Maple Syrup. They were gone about an hour. During this time Stanley and I noticed a skunk in the old house (used to be a guest house). We took pictures through the window safely in the house…

Uh-Oh this could be trouble!!

He almost looks cute from here!

Well shortly Jim & Joe-E came home, and before I could do anything ….Mr. Joe had to check out the new guy..and………….well…the new guy said hello.

PEEE-EEEEW Stinky Joe-E!!Heehee..awww STINKY!!

I wonder if he will be more careful next time?? Yeah, probably not!!

He is band to outside play for a while and a nice long bath when he doesn’t make me gag anymore.


Poor Dog!! 😦


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