Been A While..Just my thoughts for the day…

Well, things are moving right along here in Minnesota. The weather is changing and we are getting sun some days. It is really nice. Guess what happens when tons and tons of so melts into tons and tons of dirt driveway….MUD…Mud happens!! Jim bought me some very cute mud boots when I still lived in Oregon and I never really used them…..heehee…I suppose I was saving them for here. I use them everyday now! We have a quarter mile road that leads up to our house, it is all dirt and now mud so we have to park our car at the end and walk…I always wanted ans exercise plan. GOT IT!! It is actually working out well for the waist & hips and whatever else gravity is trying to pull down to my toes…lol.

The calf’s are doing well now it seems…they are getting fat and happy and we are not having to poke them with meds as much. I think 7 are still with us…what a perfect #. My lover boy is getting to where he comes when I call him. I named him this because he has a heart shaped spot on his head. Last night was a bit scary though. I went in and played with the cows for a bit….(I know they are not supposed to be pets but I cannot help it) and they like to suck on you fingers. It is really cute!! Well I was letting lover boy suck on my fingers when I noticed my wedding ring being a bit loose so I stopped letting him suck on that hand. Then I saw a mouse!! Anyone that knows me well…KNOWS I don’t like them!! I jumped and screamed and ran out of the pen…well wen I was safely standing behind Jim and calming down from the fright of the really big, scary…..mouse…I looked at my hand because it felt funny. I then noticed my ring not on my finger…my wedding ring was gone. I was totally panicked inside but Jim found it…thanks to our friends having a metal detector. It was the perfect thing to have for a time like this. What are the odds right?? Well he found it!! Friends and Jim saved the day LOL. Thank you!!

I have lots more to tell everyone but I have to get ready to go…I will post more soon!!

My sweet loverboy!!


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