Christmas Is Here…

Can you believe it is here already?? The older I get the faster time goes. I sent out a few cards this year…wish I could have sent to everyone…stamps are sooooo expensive!!

We went to the post office in Park Rapids. It is really small compared to Bends post office, yet faster and the people working were nice!! They grow em’ different here I tell ya. We also went to a place called The Trading Post. It was neat. It would be comparable to The Oregon Store in Bend. They had ACTAUL Wild Rice. I am going to be sending some to my Oregon friends as soon as I can. We are going to tap maple trees next year too. I am so excited to see how maple syrup is made. I think Stanley is going to learn so much here.

We should be getting about 6 inches more snow today and another storm is coming. It used to scare me terribly in Bend, but I have a calmness here. It is so peaceful.

Jim is making a pantry in the kitchen today…the cabinet was already there but he is patching and putting in shelves…I will post he pics when he is finished. He fixed the water situation in the other bathroom too…no more scalding showers…lol. That sure is a wake up when the water scalds ya! Ouch.

We have our Christmas tree…we were able to chop it from our own back yard!! So cool!! We had so many to choose from and did I mention FREE! I have not had a real tree in so many years. I was allergic before, I am giving it another try. I love the smell of the fresh pine tree in my house.

I know most of you are going to be disappointed there are no pictures in this post 😦

So this is for you…


More tomorrow.. Hugs to all!!


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