Smokin’ Chimneys By: Jim, Shannon & Stanley

We had a lot of work to do on this poor kitchen. We had to clean everything!! Twice!! Then paint everything….twice…LOL. Jim & Stanley took brick by brick out of the house from the old chimney . That was a huge job!!

Chimney Bricks

Boy this looks fun!!

My Sweetie

Can you see the posters on the wall behind Jim?? The Gibb Brother!! This was Some of Jim’s sister’s room. We use it for storage right now because it is a really funky shape and we have so much other work to deal with…this room will be last!!

I asked him to smile...Isn't he cute??

This next one is Stanley helping!! He is working so hard. He can’t wait to show his friend Cody his muscle he is getting in his arms.

Getting STRONGER!!

Joe-E really wanted to help too!!

Ahhh Joe-E & Stanley

This next one is the Kitchen where the chimney also came through. This part was encased in concrete…it made it much harder to do. I don’t have as many pics of this part because I got a nice big cold. Better now Ü!!

Oh My!!

Looks like fun huh??


The wood in the wall is the original log cabin wall. The logs were HUGE!!!

Does he look worried??

You should have seen my face when he called me in at this point. I almost cried!! Wait until you see it now!!! You would never know it was ever like this. Jim is amazing!!

Well I have lots more to show but I have to get to work or Jim will go on strike I think..



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