Thanksgiving Pictures

We had such a great time for Thanksgiving. We were invited by my Brother & Sister – in – Law to their home for Thanksgiving. My Sister – in – Law made everything so pretty and the dinner was very good!! She made all our favorites!! They are very kind and such fun people.

Here is a picture of Denny & Lois My favorites on Jims side Ü

Denny & Lois

Here’s the table set so beautiful!!

The Table

Mmmmmm Lot’s of Great Thanksgiving goodies!!


Jim got to carve…the little guy is Tippy…he was waiting patiently for Jim to make a mistake & drop some for him…hey…it can happen!! Ü

Tippy Toes...

Okay now we have a couple of pics of us…I know rare huh?? HEEHEE.

Jim, Stanley & Shannon Thanksgiving 2008

If only Stanley knew what was to happen next AHHHHAAAA!! We love ya kiddo!!

Kissy Face

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family in friends!!

I know we sure did!!

Thank you Denny & Lois!!


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