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Two More Days….

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Two more days til Christmas…and not a creature was stirring….I bet because it was toooooooo COLD!!!


We are doing Christmas at our new house this year. I am really excited and nervous. My two favorite people and 1 favorite dog Ü are coming. I also might get to meet a new family member. I pray he has a safe trip if he can come.

My mom sent a big box we just got it yesterday…Stanley is going to have a great Christmas!! Mom gave me a hint on one and I just cannot wait to see his face…I am going to try and make it last…LOL.

We also got a box from my oldest brother yesterday. I had no idea he even knew my new address…He sent Stanley a big box of stuff too. He took Stanley, my Mom & I to an Angels baseball game this summer and Stanley had a blast!!! He sent some collector Angel stuff about two weeks later. Stanley was so excited!! Now he has sent another box…and I don’t know but I guess it will be more Angel collector stuff.

We are so blesses with great family & friends!!

Money was very tight this year. I didn’t think we were going to have much for Stanley…not that it is about that…but what Mother doesn’t want to see the big smile on Christmas morning. God continues to provide even when we don’t think it would matter much to him.

I was kind of in a funk this last week and was feeling a little sad. I wanted so bad to just go back to California (where it is warmer). See I am a California girl…and I love the heat, I love fast pace and big buildings!! I also like big trucks…but that’s a different story. I am not one for change…I never have been. I was very blessed as a child. My parents had good consistent jobs…they were both deputies for the county sheriffs department (never any fear of  job security there…you can always count on somebody breaking the They were soooo good at their jobs. To know them most people could not tell they did this for a living. To the outsiders my parents looked like the normal Mom, Dad & 2.3 kids. But they had something different. They had this desire to work hard…no matter what!! They didn’t call in sick or even complain about having to work. That is lost. We tend now not to respect that we have a job…even if it is a job we don’t like. God has taught me the hard way (my choice) to respect employment more. I would give anything for my husband and/or I to have employment now. I pray everyday that we can earn the right to work again and show our respect for being working people in a society that takes this for granted.

I went with my husband to a local store here in MN and checked out groceries…the clerk didn’t even speak to us. It was an unusually long check out process because of this. I was standing there thinking she probably hates her job and wants to be doing ANYTHING else. I was thinking…during this long check out…I hope I have enough to pay for this and should I have bought that…could I have saved more for milk & eggs next week….??? I wish we had a job where we knew when and if we were getting a paycheck. I so badly wanted to share this with her. But of course I did not. I feel in this God is showing me a lesson. He is showing me that when and if we find work again to respect our privilege he has provided. I am learning to trust in him. He giveth he can taketh…I can learneth. I thank God for each day and that I can hear him when he says listen up Shannon….

By for now..& God Bless you all!!


Our Hike For The Christmas Tree..

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We picked our tree for Christmas yesterday…FUN…and Cold!! Yikes!! I also found out just how out of shape I am. I am going to hike EVERY DAY now.

Starting tomorrow, HEEHEE.

Our tree 2008 Isn’t it cute!!??

My boys

Doesn’t Stanley look cold??

Stanley & I...

I have two shirts, one sweater, a vest and my coat on…heehee, Nice and warm right?? WRONG!! Brrrr!


Here we go..

On our way home...

More when we decorate…

Christmas Is Here…

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Can you believe it is here already?? The older I get the faster time goes. I sent out a few cards this year…wish I could have sent to everyone…stamps are sooooo expensive!!

We went to the post office in Park Rapids. It is really small compared to Bends post office, yet faster and the people working were nice!! They grow em’ different here I tell ya. We also went to a place called The Trading Post. It was neat. It would be comparable to The Oregon Store in Bend. They had ACTAUL Wild Rice. I am going to be sending some to my Oregon friends as soon as I can. We are going to tap maple trees next year too. I am so excited to see how maple syrup is made. I think Stanley is going to learn so much here.

We should be getting about 6 inches more snow today and another storm is coming. It used to scare me terribly in Bend, but I have a calmness here. It is so peaceful.

Jim is making a pantry in the kitchen today…the cabinet was already there but he is patching and putting in shelves…I will post he pics when he is finished. He fixed the water situation in the other bathroom too…no more scalding showers…lol. That sure is a wake up when the water scalds ya! Ouch.

We have our Christmas tree…we were able to chop it from our own back yard!! So cool!! We had so many to choose from and did I mention FREE! I have not had a real tree in so many years. I was allergic before, I am giving it another try. I love the smell of the fresh pine tree in my house.

I know most of you are going to be disappointed there are no pictures in this post 😦

So this is for you…


More tomorrow.. Hugs to all!!

Smokin’ Chimneys By: Jim, Shannon & Stanley

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We had a lot of work to do on this poor kitchen. We had to clean everything!! Twice!! Then paint everything….twice…LOL. Jim & Stanley took brick by brick out of the house from the old chimney . That was a huge job!!

Chimney Bricks

Boy this looks fun!!

My Sweetie

Can you see the posters on the wall behind Jim?? The Gibb Brother!! This was Some of Jim’s sister’s room. We use it for storage right now because it is a really funky shape and we have so much other work to deal with…this room will be last!!

I asked him to smile...Isn't he cute??

This next one is Stanley helping!! He is working so hard. He can’t wait to show his friend Cody his muscle he is getting in his arms.

Getting STRONGER!!

Joe-E really wanted to help too!!

Ahhh Joe-E & Stanley

This next one is the Kitchen where the chimney also came through. This part was encased in concrete…it made it much harder to do. I don’t have as many pics of this part because I got a nice big cold. Better now Ü!!

Oh My!!

Looks like fun huh??


The wood in the wall is the original log cabin wall. The logs were HUGE!!!

Does he look worried??

You should have seen my face when he called me in at this point. I almost cried!! Wait until you see it now!!! You would never know it was ever like this. Jim is amazing!!

Well I have lots more to show but I have to get to work or Jim will go on strike I think..


Lazy Kittens…Must Be Cold or Something…

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I was looking around for my kitties yesterday and could not find little (huge) Malichi. I called and called…and called… It is so cold outside so I got a little worried. Well you would be happy to know..We found him safe and sound….

Malichi the stinker!!IN MY CLEAN LAUNDRY!!!

All day, this is a cat life in the Fisher house.

MalichiMrs. DoryMy next job is to apply for being a house cat!! What a life!

We Are Pleading To HGTV…

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Here is what you need to do…

Click on the link below and help us by rating the pictures sent to HGTV. We are hoping to win and they will help us with our living room!! Isn’t that cool??!!

Poor Jim!!Thanks everyone!!

Thanksgiving Pictures

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We had such a great time for Thanksgiving. We were invited by my Brother & Sister – in – Law to their home for Thanksgiving. My Sister – in – Law made everything so pretty and the dinner was very good!! She made all our favorites!! They are very kind and such fun people.

Here is a picture of Denny & Lois My favorites on Jims side Ü

Denny & Lois

Here’s the table set so beautiful!!

The Table

Mmmmmm Lot’s of Great Thanksgiving goodies!!


Jim got to carve…the little guy is Tippy…he was waiting patiently for Jim to make a mistake & drop some for him…hey…it can happen!! Ü

Tippy Toes...

Okay now we have a couple of pics of us…I know rare huh?? HEEHEE.

Jim, Stanley & Shannon Thanksgiving 2008

If only Stanley knew what was to happen next AHHHHAAAA!! We love ya kiddo!!

Kissy Face

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family in friends!!

I know we sure did!!

Thank you Denny & Lois!!