Okay Here Are The Updated Kitchen & Stanley’s Room…

I was informed by a friend that I was supposed to put these up yesterday….sorry…lol

Here is the finished kitchen cabinets..just the top so far.

prettyAren’t they beautiful??

Look At The Clock!! Perfect!!Jim put the handles on after I cleaned them….they really finished it off. He worked on the bottoms yesterday too…so those should be up soon.

Here is Stanley’s room so far…

SkyIs the room shrienking??Jim said he remembers this room being much bigger…I said…honey you were 8…it was much bigger….lol

Stanley's DoorDid I mention Stanley is going with a pirate theme?

The waves I drew...The waves!!! They are sooooo cute!! I was so afraid to do this. I didn’t want to mess it up.

I think he approves...Stanley is practicing taking pictures for 4-H so he took one of me…He was laughing at my dancing…I can’t understand why….hmmmm


More soon…


One Response to “Okay Here Are The Updated Kitchen & Stanley’s Room…”

  1. funnyfunnygalssis Says:

    This is great!

    The kitchen is an amazing transformation! I love what you did with it! That color so cheery!!!!

    And Stanley’s room is awesome! My boys are gonna flip when they see these pictures!

    The stairs are soooooo cool! I love a house with character and you definetly got one!

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