I Bet Your All On Pins & Needles Huh?….

Okay so ya want to see the house.. well here goes…(now keep in mind it has not been lived in for over three years). I had to keep telling myself this too LOL.

The wall paper goes!! Jim doesn't care for it (Thank God!!)

Look at the cob webs...ick!

We are taking off the wall paper and painting the paneling most likely in the spring. Right now we are only doing the kitchen and Stanley’s room.

This is the other side of Livingroom

There used to be a patio door here but had to be replaced. We may change this down the road a bit…but for now, I have a really big cutain to put there. Yes that is sub floor you see…it is the new thing…big rave…you should try it HAHAHA. The doors on the right are for a closet with shelves…not sure what to do with it yet…needs to be cleaned (no, ya think LOL). It has shelves in it but it would be great for my craft storage. Jim would love if I could get it all into one closet.

You want to see more?? Are ya sure?? Well alright then.

Hand made stairs by Jim's Dad

I am going to find out how to salvage these and make them nice again. They stay as they are a part of Jim. I love them. There is a cute story to go with them. His Dad measured wrong somewhere and the first step at the bottom is a bit tall and the last one at the top is a bit short…very unique. Maybe we can get the two families that have woodworkers in the family to visit and help restore them (hint, hint). I’m just saying!! Ü

Dining RoomLot’s of work to do here…I liked the carpet but it isn’t salvagable. They used something called fiberboard back in the day so we have to take that off and put up sheet rock instead. Jim’s Dad made a cute inset under the stairs for shelves. Jim said he would make the shelves built in for me.

He seems well adjusted...this is our bedroom.Look more sub floor!! Isn’t it pretty?? LOL We are painting this room purple and gold. Guess why? I bet you can’t guess…hmmmm

Joe-E loves his new home. After hunting season we let him outside to play without being tied up. He loves it!! He didn’t run too far and he came right back after a bit. It is colder here so he liked the warm house a little more I think. The kitties are having a great time too!


Okay…here is the kitchen…OIY VAY!! It has lot’s of work also. We have already started here…wait until you see the pictures since we finished the top cupboards!!! Big change! See the clock at the top left? It was in the house when Jim was a boy. It still works! It stays! I love the look! I think Jim likes it too. You all should see him now. He is soooo happy.

Kitchen cupboard & windowWell this is the big before…I will wait until the end to show the after pics. You are going to be very amazed. We will be doing a mossaic tile as a back splash. My colors are Wheat & Crimson Tea. Tea in the kitchen…perfect! LOL I think you will approve Janice!! Ü

Well this is all for now…more tomorrow!


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