Well We Are On Our Way To A New Adventure…

We left November 8 which was my 37th birthday. Question being…do I feel older? YES…Yes I do feel older. I also feel very blessed!! Thank you’s to all my friends that made the big move a little less painful. I am already missing you all very much!!

The trip was very eventful. We, in our U-Haul with Cat’s and poor Joe-E in the car…being towed. He was such a good boy!! I tell ya once we were packed and ready to be on the road…the only picture I did not take was how low the back of the car was off the ground…..heehee….maybe and INCH!! Maybe!!


Here is a place we stopped to eat. I think Idaho. Notice the name?? Not even a pickle for a garnish!! Crazy huh? The only pickle in the place was on the back of the employees shirts. We didn’t ask…just ate and took pictures of their pickle chair…lol


Then as we were leaving the waitress ran out to take a picture of us all!! That was after she helped herself the whole amount Jim gave her. He was expecting some change but she kept a $4 tip…the bill was only $16. We thought about this for a while and then realized…OH YEA…TAX!! OOps!!


I do not usually let pictures of me go on this…but what the heck, right? My eyes are so swollen from crying :(…. See the bag at the bottom of the pic…heehee…we had to brush our teeth here. We drove all night the first night. The leftovers were for the animals…they LOVED when we stopped…it ment PEOPLE FOOD !!

Well This is all for now…I have lot’s more to show you all but I will leave you with this…

What a cutie pie!!This was his place in the truck!! LOL

Don’t worry…more tomorrow!!


2 Responses to “Well We Are On Our Way To A New Adventure…”

  1. funnyfunnygalssis Says:

    I am so excited to see some pictures, and here some details! I totally would have asked “where are the pickles?” If I stop at Pickle Place, I want a Pickle!!!!

    I still can’t believe you guys drove all night, ouch! I admire your determination!

    Can’t wait to see/hear more!

  2. nevaeh2003 Says:


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