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Busy Times…

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Big changes are coming for this family…

We are moving to the other side of the USA…

This great economy…yeah right. Thanks for using our money to bail out the big money companies with our money!! Well. during this time you can take our money and make us move but you can’t take MY FAITH!! I thank God every minute that my family is safe and healthy.

This move will be so hard in that I will miss my Mom so very much. We are very close and I love having the ability to see her anytime. We don’t always get along and I know she doesn’t like my life choices (SAHM, Home School Mom, Hubby) but I just hope someday our relationship can be more about other things…like sharing our journey stories.

My Mom was such a great Mom!! She worked so hard when I was growing up. She never missed any of the school functions or making dinners for us. I have such great memories. My family tells me I am a great cook and they love how I make little things special for each person. I wish I could tell my Mom this came from what I learned from her. She is going through a really rough time right now with her health and is a very strong willed person. She is tough, I want to be there for her so bad but she just doesn’t let me in anymore.

I knew my role when I was a child, I know my role as a wife, as a Mom to my son, and my relationship with God….but I just don’t understand my role as an adult daughter.

I just hope she knows I love her very much and will forever, I hope I make her proud. I love my family and my life…even if it isn’t what she had hoped for me.

We get to move on my birthday. Some have said how sad that will be…but I don’t see it this way. I will get a 1700 mile vacation to uncharted teritory and new beginnings. I will be living in a new house and meeting new people. I will get to meet one of my sister -in- laws for the first time in person. I will get to see the Mt. Rushmore (WOW!!). I also get to see other states I never dreamed I would see. This will be the most awesome birthday!! I get to experience my son’s excitement to his new beginnings.

Don’t get me wrong…I will be very sad at times too. I have not only made what I consider friends…but some of these people are like family to me. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE =@} ) I hope to keep in touch with all of you. I pray you will keep in touch with us!!

I will keep everyone posted on the next few weeks….So far I have 22 boxes pack and now it is finally looking like we are moving…when I first started you just could not tell (time to purge…LOL)




These are GREAT Shirts!!

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