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This is for hubby!!

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This is a shirt I need to own!!

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Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t miss an episode of COPS!! When I found this was on a shirt I just about lost it! Either I make one myself or buy one…I have to have it =@>
This Shirt says it all!!

This Shirt says it all!!

This post is for all my friends that are struggling right now…

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Rain, rain go away, I have faith that you won’t stay
I don’t care what doubters say, sunny days will come my way
Then the birds come out to play by the light of one sun ray
Now I kneel me down to pray, please God give me sunny days

Times are hard right now…I have faith that he will see us all through this…but until then take some words from my favorite song and have peace in your heart!!


I am on my knees at my computer.

People are hurting…please help them, us, me. I know you have a plan…I know you are there.   There are the footprints in the sand…just one set… so carry me higher I need to see..what your desires are for me, us, them.

Thank you Lord Jesus….Thank you…


I am praying for you…you know who you are…keep on keeping on!!

I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!

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