Todays Thoughts

What can I say? Not much this week…… Not a good week on this Journey. Will it come? Where will it come from?


I would almost rather be homeless then always almost homeless. At least then I would know where I stand.

Hubby is laid off again. He had such a good job. We were making it and getting stuff paid off. This has to be a huge blow to him. He is really good at his job but with the economy going down the tube….AND FAST…there just seems like no way out for the middle man.

Hubby has wanted to go back to college as long as I have known him and I finally found a way….be completely broke with no income and you qualify for the grants!! Yeah! He is so happy! I pray we can keep him going…that life doesn’t ruin it. He did his first online course, it is a class you take to see if you can take online courses. You have assignments and tests. Very cool!! He had so much fun, I could tell. He really deserves this God…please help him and us….

I have been looking for the past three days for work. There was only 10 job postings in the paper!! I remember tons of jobs being listed in the past. At this point I would even clean toilets…haha. I applied for three of the 10 and four I was not qualified to do…the other three we out of town. One was an ad for a Paper Route. Boy howdy…I applied….can you see it now??? 36 yrs old, on my bike, throwing news papers?? AAAAHHHHAAHAA Hope I don’t fall off trying to throw them ( come on you all were thinking it, weren’t you?).

Well Shout out for prayers this next month…we need another miracle and for me to keep  on trusting God during this. I want to so bad but sometimes fear takes over.

God please give us wisdom!! What do you want us to do? People say you speak to them….Can you please speak to me?? How do I hear you?

I feel like I am loosing it again…hopelessness is trying to take over.


One Response to “Todays Thoughts”

  1. funnyfunnygalssis Says:

    I am praying for you!

    I know it is so difficult to be in this position, to get out of it and to be back in it again.

    You have to remember that none of this comes as a surprise to the Lord.

    He knew Hubby would work for a few weeks and then off again. His picture is bigger than our picture, His plan is grander than our plan!

    We love you guys, we are going to keep praying you through the ups and downs of life.

    I WILL see you tomorrow!!!

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