Things are changing around the Fisher house….

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As of December I went to DR to see why I was feeling so sick all the time. We even had to postpone Christmas until January due to how sick I was getting. I had made a mental note that I needed to get my affairs in order for possibly not being here anymore. We really thought this was a serious health issue.

Wellllllll…it was serious after all but in a completely different way!!

We would like to introduce our newest member of the Fisher family…


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We started something fun in the Fisher House!! We do a game night every Tuesday evening. It started out to be a way to have fun without TV.

Television seems to be one of those things people lived without so many years ago and now our children cannot live without even one hour. Our children have lost their creativity and being able to have fun without electronic stimulation. I am just as guilty these days…. It is so easy to get lost in all the techno gadgets available. The reality is it is easier to push a button with your fingers then it is to go out and do something physical. You still feel excitement at reaching a new level or gaining a better object….but really what do you have?? You didn’t walk in the snow or slide on the ice. You didn’t feel the breeze on your face. You haven’t watched a bird bring food to her babies. You didn’t get to hear a jet plane fly by and see it leave the white trail behind. You just stayed where you were in some room pushing a button on a machine.

I want my son to experience things I did as a child….. I remember skating around my neighborhood for hours or riding my bike. You couldn’t get me to come in unless you offered food or running in the house desperate to reach the bathroom in time, because you almost waited to long to use it. We need to get back to some traditional basics, if for nothing else…to give our children some insight to what life could be like without pre-programming done on a machine. We need to show our children there is so many fun things to do which do not involve a battery. I know we will be doing our part every week from now on. We had a great time playing and talking, winning and loosing the games we played. We took some pictures to commemorate the evening but I know I wont need these pictures, we made a memory which will last a very long time….

We started with the game Clue….

Who did it??

Daddy won this game…he is very good at these strategy games!!

Such a handsome devil!!

Nope, not in that room... šŸ˜€

Then we played a game very similar to Blokus if you have heard of it.Ā  It was recommended by a few home school families so I have been trying to buy it for a while now. It must have been too long because now Hasbro came out with a new twist on the original game. This one is called Cirkis. It is really fun too (although I still want the original one also)!!

Very fun game!!



Hearts!!!! Keepsake Box

Update on Cows and Goats….

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Unfortunately and very sadly we did have to say goodbye to Tinker. We will miss you girl!! She hurt her leg trying to get under the fence and while healing she snapped a leg ligament. We tried to nurse her and Jim built her a sling but to no avail she could still not use the back leg.

All others are doing very well and getting fat!! Now that it is snowing I swear they are cold and need coats…Jim keep assuring me they are fine and that is why God gave them fur. But I am not too conviced.

SDC10574You can see Bell on the far left…just her face…then Loverboy, T-bone, Rib-eye and far right…the booty belongs to Rosemary (Rosy). Not sure where Mars bar was at the time…

SDC10568Hey…there is Mars bar on the left…He is such a little stinker. He keeps teaching the girl goats how to escape. Goat soup anyone?? NOT TODAY!!

When we got the two red and whites…they were so tiny compared to Loverboy…but they are fatting up real good now. They wouldn’t come near us at first but when they figured out about the grain…they now come running when we go out there.

T-boneRib-eyeI will have more updates as the winter progresses…we may be getting more cows this winter…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH MYYYYYYYY!!

Making our own sauerkraut Soooo Fun!

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We didn’t grow any cabbage this year, although a really nice person from our church had some extra to give and offered us some. Every Sunday after the harvest season people would bring their extra veggies and fruit to church and share with everyone. It is so nice to see that happening in this day and age. One thing I have to say about where we are living are how kind people are…and giving. It is contagious!!! This is one thing I do not mind contracting LOL.

So here are some beginning pics of the sauerkraut process…kinda fun. Of course you know Jim did most of the real work…we (Stanley & I) were just posing ….

Cabbage...this is what we are keeping it in...It was a messy job initially. But once you get it shredded you just have to keep it in a dark place with a weight on it until it is ready.

Jim hands are going so fast...look how blurry they are...This blade was lent to us by the same gentleman who gave us cabbage. He said to be careful…the blade was VERY sharp!! Have you ever tasted the core of a cabbage? It is very spicy…kinda burns your mouth. It was really yummy. We all took turns eating the cores.


About my clothes...just felt a little hippie today...I liked it until I looked at the pictures..Yikes!! LOL

This last one is Dad & Stanley…slicing together. It was a little hard to hold the slicer and push the cabbage at the same time.

He is soooo flipping cute!!!I counted all the fingers when he was finished…whew!! Still has 10 total!!

Now we wait, and wait, and wait….pretty long process. I am so looking forward to the end where we get to eat it. If I post after that…you will know…WE LIVED…Whahahahha

Although we may look a little like this guy after we do eat the krout!!

Oh and check out Joe-E…this is what he was doing the whole time….

Goofy, Lazy Dog... Shut up Joe!!

Snow Already?? We are making the best of it…

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We are already outside playing in the white, fluffy, winter canvas!! Stony (his new nickname) put on his Dad’s boots and went outside to make a snowman. We went out and dug up a carrot for his nose and Stony put acorns for eyes. Very cute!!





SDC10545Joe watched patiently…I think he was waiting to steal the carrot…lol

God gave us a fun day on the farm today…

We have really busy over the last few months. Jim was able to go ricing in September. He and a friend went out on a canoeĀ  for a couple of days and hit the rice plants with wooden sticks which released the rice in the canoe. It filled about 4 bags by time they were finished. The bags were full of rice but it really didn’t look like rice. More like wheat. There were also little green worms crawling in the bag…sick!! He then sent it to a place where they processed/ harvested 240 lbs this turned into 109 lbs…you loose quite a bit. I wanted to get more pictures but it all happened so fast…I will get more next time. I am going to help more next year.


We sold about 8 lbs so far. Fun, Fun!!

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Well it sure has been a busy couple of months. I know it has been quite a while since I have posted. Jim, Stanley & I planted a pretty good sized garden and have been blessed for all our hard work. Of course Jim worked so much harder then Stanley & I, us being city folk and all … LOL.

First to be ready were our peas. I was told these were not really worth doing…but I love a challenge. Turned out to be great!! We were able to can a lot of peas!!

IMG_3674These were our pint jars. Were were able to get two cases of these and 4 quart jars. I made two of the quart jars into peas & carrots…I had always wanted to do that.

Next we canned green beans & spaghetti sauce. The spaghetti sauce I canned from a good friends recipe. It is the easiest and most cost effective I have ever found. It is on May Farm Cottage under the side tagĀ  preserving.



This is what it looks like finished. I am getting ready to make another batch as I gave too many away as gifts already..oops!!

IMG_3535My case before I gave some away. I just love giving to people/friends something I made…It just seems to mean more.

Next we did the green beans…and boy did we have beans!! Good grief!!I only did two jars of dilly beans this year. It was so hard to find the time for extra things while working outside the home and home schooling. Maybe I can do more next year.

I have purchased my first pressure caner this year. I am getting a lot of use out of it so far. It sure takes a long time…but what a neat process.


We made about three cases of beans. Jim also bought me a french cutter so we could make string beans. This is my favorite way to eat them!!

We snapped and picked and picked and snappedĀ  before and after work and play for almost three weeks…yikes!! I did have some help from friends while canning…that was really nice.

Now we are on to pickles and maybe relish if I have time. During all this I am teaching an art class and co-teaching a toddler Sunday school class. What is wrong with me?? LOL

IMG_3822These are the spices along with dill which I put in my jars for the best pickles. The two cucumbers in the picture were the smallest ones in the two big boxes and three five gallon buckets Jim & Stanley picked for me…cute eh??..

We had to spear most of them or I would only get four pickles in a jar. They were all so big!!

IMG_3821Tomorrow I will show you all of what we have been up to this summer. We have done so much and had such a blessed time. Our family has truly been blessed with some great memories to keep in our hearts.

Take care & God bless!!

Can You Believe it is almost September??

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Things are so busy around here. I am not able to post like I should. We are gearing up for the big winter that I am sure is upon us (as I live in “BRRR” Minnesota) .

God has been very good to us this year (not that we didn’t have our struggles)!! Lets see….Jim found a job which was supposed to be a temp three week job…praise God it has worked into longer!! I am working for a new store which I feel is going to be a great fit. We have paid off our other two cows and have the whole animal family here….fianlly!! Our garden is doing pretty well considering the weird summer we have had here. I bought a pressure canner and have canned my first rounds of peas!! Some said it was not worth doing but if you know me I love doing the “pain in the neck stuff.” I used my sweet friend in Oregons recipe and made my winters spaghetti sauce…TY, Janice!!

Our little guy was able to go to camp this year. Oak Hill Christian Camp. This was so much fun!! I of course was very nervous about him being gone for a whole week, but he did great and wants to go again next year.

P6240468Look!! He caught the big one…!!

IMG_3065This is the first day…very exciting!!

IMG_3067One of the camp leaders…he was amazing!

IMG_3066He had top bunk!! Way cool!

IMG_3077Last day…family dinner and show after. This camp was very well put together!! Our guy had sooo much fun!!

Well I have lots more to show everyone but I have to get going…lots to do on the farm…Blog ya soon!!